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Biomechanical and postural assessment in the saddle

Evaluating your posture and biomechanics in the saddle allows you to identify possible postural imbalances or asymmetries. It also helps you become aware of your body's position and action in space to improve your communication with your horse.


Indeed, good posture when riding is essential for optimal communication with your horse. If your position is unbalanced or asymmetrical, it can cause strain and pain for you and your horse, as well as loss of effectiveness in your aids. By identifying postural imbalances and working to correct them, you can improve your balance and coordination in the saddle, which will allow you to better feel your horse's movements and better transmit your instructions to him.


After the assessment, you will receive a program which will include simple, short but effective exercises to reinforce the skills learned during the session and continue your development.

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Rééducation posturale

Alignement postural

Douleurs en selle


Performance générale

Now offered with ESTRIDE technology

Postural assessments are now offered with technology unique in Quebec, which provides real-time feedback to riders to help them make the necessary corrections to improve their positioning in the saddle and their communication with their horse.

Evaluations are available with two products, the saddle pad with 900 sensors et the bracelets to assess the stability of the hands and contact.

Estride HARMONY 

A unique saddle pad, comprising more than 900 sensors which make it possible to evaluate in real time the changes in lateral and antero-posterior pressure to allow riders to improve the precision of their aids, the movements of the body's weight and thus make the necessary adjustments in certain situations. The mat allows you to put into words what the rider feels to help him recreate the sensations felt during his next rides. The mat is also able to analyze the pressure points of the saddle.

900 senseurs

mesure la constance

any type of saddle


Measures the rider's symmetry in the saddle

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Estride STEADY

ESTRIDE Steady bracelets allow the rider to become aware of the stability of their hands and their contact while collecting conclusive data on the consistency and stability of their hands while riding. To help the rider achieve their goals, the bracelets vibrate gently to indicate the rider to return to the desired position.  

real-time feedback

mesure la constance

toutes disciplines

données probantes

Measures hand stability and symmetry

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