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Why did you found Équimotion?

I initially decided to take the kinesiology program because since the very first day I sat in a saddle, I was looking to figure out how I could improve as an equestrian athlete. When I transitioned from athlete to coach, I noticed that the majority of the riders I worked with were lacking in their athletic abilities, despite the high physical demands of the sport. Conversely, I noticed the lack of services that meet the specific needs of riders. Although existing, these services are little or not at all adapted to the reality of equestrian athletes.


By questioning myself at each ride, by reading and listening to the professionals and riders around me, I understood that besides the hours spent in the saddle, one of the best ways to improve is by improving your strength. , coordination, balance with exercises specific to horse riding. This allows you to improve your posture and symmetry in the saddle, and thus acquire a better feeling, greater ease in the saddle and more fluid communication with your horse.

Ultimately, Equimotion's mission is to allow riders to benefit from a quality training service, focused on their needs and the specificities of their sport so that they can perform in their sport for a long time and without pain.

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Camille Laurier
BSc Kinésiologie & Fondatrice

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